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Arts workers united labor day of action in times square with arts workers holding signs to advocate for federal relief

What we do

We give lobbying a good name.

We pair traditional lobbying with “Advocacy You Can See” to get things done. Advocacy that’s visible is valuable. 

That’s why we not only build relationships with policymakers but also leverage the influential platforms of Arts Workers themselves to keep our issues in the spotlight.

It’s how we persuaded Congress to hold its first-ever hearing on the Power, Peril, and Promise of the Creative Economy.

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Our Vision of Unity

Our organization will unite our members with the vision of a new American Renaissance built upon the labor and talent of our nation’s Arts Workers.

An American Renaissance characterized by:

  • A Secretary Of Arts & Culture leading a Department of Arts & Culture
  • Federal appropriations on par with our developed global neighbors
  • Passage of existing federal legislation focused on Arts Workers and the Creative Economy
  • Ensuring every American town has Creative placemaking, providing investment in institutions, creative events, and Arts Workers who anchor dynamic local economies
  • A strong and effective advocacy ecosystem featuring harmonious and synergistic relationships with local, state, and national Arts advocates
Labor day of action be an arts hero and arts workers united standing in times square advocating for federal support for the us creative economy
Jenny makholm cofounder of arts workers united during the labor day of action in times square

Get Involved

Anyone who values Art and Arts Workers can become a member.

For just $1 a month, you can join us in ushering in a new American Renaissance by making sure that our federal legislators always have Arts Workers top of mind as they create policy. 

We give a unified voice to the nation’s 4.8 million Arts Workers who generate over a trillion dollars in value added to the economy. 

American seniors have the AARP. Second Amendment enthusiasts have the NRA. America’s Arts Workers deserve Arts Workers United.

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Be An Arts Hero

March 2020, Covid-19 ground America’s Arts & Culture Sector to a halt. 2.7 million Arts Workers became unemployed overnight and the sector was haemorrhaging hundreds of billions of dollars.

That’s why we started Be An #ArtsHero - to leverage the power and platforms of Arts Workers themselves to get Congress to give a parachute to a sector in free fall. And it worked! We even made history with the first house hearing ever for the Creative Economy.

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Nikkole salter arts workers united board president making speech in times square during be an arts hero labor day of action